The Base Game

When the game turns over quite well in the base game but surely it I can’t fail now I’m not the maximum you can stake is five quick I think on the slots I didn’t read it I think it’s fine quick my my days Jesus right I was good I’m gonna go check wages well I know I’ve just checked in forgot the features nice I’ve done two grand of it just under so I’ve got another eight to go so it’s gonna be I’ll have to raise a stake there’s no work and bust for me as surely I’ve only got what effectively wage of what I’ve got here about one and a half times yeah I’ve got eight thousand three hundred wagering left just over I’ll put out two five quid obviously so basically I’ve got have just don’t about sixteen hundred spins at this state whatever I get I cash out well just got husband. Read more about base game at CasinoSlots.

I’m gonna cheering every base game hitting level because that just you know turns out more and more money there’s no maximum cash out there was at some place what’re is is like twenty grand a week or something like this hike so I’m not gonna get stunned for a year max cash cow it’s not less on that if that not excite planned 5000 X on this budget every little window I’m gonna be chewing on evenings 10 X 5 X G’s means up and leaving like that left 2 X just turn the balance over Oh more days or one more say no more days that’s watching another bloke in it oh my god I’m at done Oh what’s the Americans say oh  you I’m still shaky couldn’t believe in King you might have been not in red gems or something other than just colossal all the diamonds that bloke got 14,000 side steaks the footballs on my missus I’ve got it on going on nudity muted England apply Lithuania the Scotland apply nurse Lavinia I’ll come back to you seven apples .

I think we have to go ever cut the coffee no that make me more hyper well since I last spoke to you this is my I’m just coming to our second hundred spinster coming out this 32 left it’s only taken of things about 80 quid off me so I my voice is a bit hoarse I thought surely yes tell you so taker just over 80 quid off me four hundred and seventy spins so that right I’m going to do quite well that’s another nearly a grinds with the ranging done I mean if I cashed out two and a half kr be happy obviously if it’s a great result I’ll be big disappointed 3 K 3 K I’m expecting to be honest look at the turnover so if I’ve got away we’ve just over around two-thirds of what I’ve got now I’ll be more than happy especially cuz he cost me hundred quid but the base game has been playing lovely today.