Increase Your Company’s Visibility With Press Releases

One public relations tool small businesses can easily implement to gain relatively inexpensive visibility in their markets is the small business press release. A press release is a specific who, what, where, when and why announcement about a company’s newsworthy event that is distributed to the media to entice them to write and run an article about the company.

Make your Press releases short and succinct, the compelling small business press release is skillfully crafted with creative, newsworthy content to engage reporters and media outlets.

Posted on your own small business website, a press release rich with keywords that attract search engines can secondarily function as a marketing tool. A small business press release can attract new customers, garner publicity for your business, and bring more traffic to your website.

There are a number of common events for almost any business that can be newsworthy milestones and appropriate for a small business press release. These events demonstrate your innovation, expertise, company growth, and industry recognition.

• Release of a new product or new product features
• Hiring of new employees
• Announcement of awards or recognitions
• Promotional or charitable events
• Announcing new business partnerships
• Reporting on interesting survey results

Use these press releases in as many places as you can find to get your news out there to your market. People trust press releases plus they give you authority and a lot of exposure you wouldn’t normally get.